Aeron Scalper Review

Aeron Scalper Review

Welcome on our Best Forex Expert Advisors website! This time we will be doing “Aeron scalper Review” for you. As we know people are quite interested in Forex business these days. So we decide to analyze this trading robot for the traders who want to make remarkable difference with trading bots. We are going to cover all the important facts and figures in this review. We will also enlist it’s advanced features that make this Forex robot a profitable one. Let’s see if this robot is good enough to make it to the list of Best Expert Advisors or not!

What is Aeron Scalper?

Aeron Scalper is a trading robot that was introduced back in 2018. The trading robot is based on scalping trading strategy that is quite popular among the traders. But this strategy is also risky according to few trader. Because this strategy can only work for the traders who have previous knowledge of Forex trading. So the creators decided to introduce an automatic robot that can help the trader using this scalping strategy.

This robot is compatible with MT4 platform. It offers remarkable win rate and the results are also verified by FXBlue. This trading bot support all the major currency pairs. EURUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY, CADJPY, and AUDCAD are among the most profitable pairs. The developers recommend ECN broker if you want to get better performance. It is able to perform 10-15 trades per day while analyzing the trends of market.

Creator of Aeron Scalper

In this section of “Aeron Scalper Review” we will give you the information about the creators of this Forex robot. There is not much information available on their official website. But we found out that their team consists of experts and developers that have launched this Forex robot after performing lots of backtesting. Though the backtesting results are not disclosed by them. You can also contact them in case of any query as they have provided their email address in “Contact Us” section.

Key Features of Aeron Scalper

  • This robot trade using scalping and grid trading strategy.
  • It can work with both major and minor currency pairs.
  • This trading bot is compatible with MT4 platform.
  • The recommended currency pairs for profitable trading are EURUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY, CADJPY, and AUDCAD.
  • Developers recommend ECN brokers for better results and performance.
  • The timeframe is usually 1 minute for a single trade.
  • It offer stable profit throughout the day.
  • You can do almost 10 to 15 trades per day.
  • The results are verified by third party website.

What is it’s trading strategy?

We are going to give you an insight about the trading strategy in this part of “Aeron Scalper Review”. It mainly use grid and scalping strategy along with some advanced features. These strategies are itself complicated but you can easily use these strategies with their stop-loss and take-profit strategy. They offer a very simple trading throughout the day. You can make small profits throughout the day. It is able to do 10-15 trades per day so you can easily make profit without any risk. In the trading strategy there is also a currency strength meter that they are using for better entries.

There is also money-management features that can help with safe trading. You can trade with different major and minor currency pairs. We have mentioned above the most important profitable pairs as well. It support MT4 platform and work on M1 timeframe. These trades are done following the market trends and conditions.


  • All the results are verified by FXBlue.
  • It support all the profitable currency pairs for trading.
  • It offer stable trading profit throughout the day.


  • It is only able to perform small trades throughout.
  • The developers haven’t provided much information.
  • You need strong internet connection in order to perform trades.

Result via FXBlue

We are happy to announce that all the results are verified by FXBlue. The results are available on their official website. You can see that the results show stable profit throughout. It definitely guarantees passive income but profit is small that comes with small trades.

Aeron Scalper Pricing Plans

In this part of “Aeron Scalper Review” we will give you detailed information about their packages. We will enlist the pricing plans along with the services offered by the vendors. In this version, you can get all the advanced features and free updates throughout. They are currently working in collaboration with Click2Sell sales page so you have proper security regarding your money.

Pricing Plan 1

  • Price: $230
  • Full Aeron Scalper software.
  • Free license
  • Free updates
  • Customer support 24/7
  • All the advanced features

Aeron Scalper Review by Clients

Here is one of the most important section of Aeron Scalper Review where will tell you about the review we found online. The traders who are using it lately have come up with few review. These reviews are both mix of positive and negative as many of the traders are happy with stable profit that comes risk free. Whereas it is only available for small trades as you can’t gain hefty profit with this robot.

Summary of Aeron Scalper Review

We are finally done with Aeron Scalper Review. We have explained about it’s features, trading strategy and pricing plans. Now it will be easy for you to make a final decision. You can see pros & cons mentioned above that will help you evaluate the performance of this robot. The results are completely verified by FXBlue which is really an impressive thing. If you really want to make small trades and stable then this robot is definitely the one that you should considered. Let us know what you thought about it!

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