Divergence Trader EA Review

Welcome back to our Best Forex expert advisors website! Today we are going to write an article regarding “Divergence Trader EA Review”. This trading tool is introduced by Automated MT4 indicators company that is quite well-known among the traders. It has advanced features like Forex optimized settings that are automatically updated. After doing further analysis we have found quite innovative strategies and features that we will discuss below. In addition to this, we will also share our thoughts about this trading bot!

So let’s start with this review article and see if it will make it to our Best Expert Advisors list or not!

What is Divergence Trader EA?

Divergence trader EA is a setup which is for both beginners and professionals. It provides freedom to the traders operate this setup with optimized settings. By the performance of this Forex robot you can easily get huge profit monthly as well as annually. Versatility and customization of this trading bot is one of the most important benefits you can get while working for divergence trader EA. With this robot you can choose your desirable trading timeframe.

So we can easily setup divergence trader EA to get freedom of work and profit both at the same time. It is a hybrid that works as an expert advisor and signal indicator. It uses complex algorithms to ensure the direction of trading and market trends. You can use all size of accounts without much investment. We will further discuss the important points of this robot to get more information of divergence trader EA!

Creator of Divergence Trader EA

The person who is behind this Forex business is Alex du plooy. He has been working from quite a long time. He has a lot of experience regarding this Forex business. In this part of divergence trader EA review, we will be give you the information about the creator who worked for it. Not only this he has also created another Grid Trend Multiplier EA that we have reviewed before. His Forex robots are quite popular with their high profiled performance and provides accurate results that are verified by FXBlue. They have also data regarding the backtesting results. The creator of divergence trader Forex has worked really well to make this bot more appropriate for all level of traders.

divergence trader ea review

Key Features of Divergence Trader EA

  • This bot operate with optimized settings and complex algorithms.
  • It is a hybrid EA that works as a signal indicator as well.
  • Offers huge profit monthly and annually.
  • You can easily choose your working timeframe.
  • You can work with all size of accounts with small investment of $100 or less.
  • This software ensure to keep check on market trends.
  • The currency pair include are EURJPY, AUDUSD, GBPUSD nad EURUSD.

What is it’s trading strategy?

So here we are discussing the major portion of Divergence trader EA review. We will explain the trading strategy and informative points regarding this Forex EA. As we have already mentioned the important key features of this robot above, it can be used for beginners and experts both. In this robot you can easily choose timeframe to work with 4 currencies that are EURJPY, AUDUSD, GBPUSD and EURUSD. And this robot can be operated in all size accounts which can start with an investment of $100 or less.

One of the most important thing to mention here is that this robot is fully automated and is hybrid that work as a signal indicator and expert advisor. It uses complex algorithm to check market trends and performances. Few benefits of divergence trader EA are that it is versatile and customize-able which make it stand out among other EAs.


  • This robot can be operated by anyone so you don’t need experience.
  • Divergence trader robot provides accurate and verified result from FXBlue.
  • This robot can be a possible way to get huge profit monthly or annually.
  • Forex robot is working with 4 currencies and in all size of accounts.
  • There are also backtests available on their website.

Divergence Trader EA Results via FXBlue

Here in this section of Divergence Trader Review, we will talk about the results of this Forex robot. Firstly the results are verified by FXBlue. So there is no chance that you can not get your desired profit. Secondly backtesting results are available on their official website that explain their experience.

Pricing Plans of Divergence Trader EA

As we have already discussed all the important points in this divergence trader EA Review. Now we are here to provide information related to the price of this robot. At this time there are not as much offers on the website but an amazing offer you can avail is that you’ll get 50% off on the purchase of any other robot from the official website.

The packages and pricing plans of divergence trader Forex are given below!

Pricing Plan 1

  • Price: $120
  • Trade with 4 currencies.
  • This robot Upgrades on regular basis.
  • Trading timeframe can be set by your choice.
  • This robot has access to expert4x and EAfactory for customer support.
  • Updates with optimized settings
  • 2 different licenses can be used at separate computers.

Divergence Trader EA Reviews by Clients

If we take a look at the feedback of clients most of the people are happy with the policies of this company. They have already a working Forex robot in the market that is Grid Trend Multiplier. They are happy with the profitable results they are getting annually with little or not investment.

Summary of Divergence Trader EA Review

After discussing and elaborating each and every detail of this EA Forex we come to an end of this Divergence Trader EA Review. This robot has so many key features and major settings which make it more effective. This Forex robot is upgraded and updated on regular basis. So let us know your opinions regarding this Divergence trader EA Forex Review!

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