Elite Forex Scalper Review

We are once again back with another review on our forex website namely “Elite Forex Scalper Review” for you. This robot has been introduced not a long ago but it becomes quite popular among the traders. In this review, we will disclose all the important information regarding this trading bot. This review is going to be an in-depth review where we will highlight all the facts and figures about this Forex robot. So let’s start this review and keep reading this article in order to find if it will be able to make it to our Best Expert Advisors page or not!

What is Elite Forex Scalper?

First of all as the name suggest “Elite Forex Scalper” it uses scalper strategy for trading. The trading is hands free that means it is automatic and you don’t have to monitor it. If we talk about this Forex robot it is beginner friendly and easy to setup. It is able to trade 24/5 and can work with most of the brokers. This Forex Robot offer stable passive income. You can get daily profit using this trading bot.

Elite Forex Scalper is offer risk management so you don’t have to worry about malware. They claim to increase the profit twice every month and their performance show about 98% of winning ratio. After buying this robot you can have lifetime access to it. There are advanced algorithms that can help to prevent your system from crashing. You also don’t have to share your profit.

Creator of Elite Forex Scalper

In this section of “Elite Forex Scalper Review” we will share the information that we have found online about the creators. The company claims to consist of professional experts that have already lot of experience with Forex trading. The software experts have gone through lots of backtesting before launching it. The Forex robot was launched in early 2020 but it become quite famous in the Forex market.

As we have reviewed number of different Forex robot in this blog that you can check as well. But there is something common among most of the Forex robot as their creators prefer to remain anonymous. There is a telegram channel organized for the customer. You can also contact them by filling a form available on the site.

Key Features of Elite Forex Scalper

  • It is an automated trading that offers hands free trading.
  • There is stable passive income and without profit sharing.
  • You can offer lifetime access, free update and guaranteed support.
  • It can work with almost all type of brokers.
  • This Forex robot is beginner friendly and is easy to setup.
  • It works with scalping trading strategy.
  • They offer risk management so it offers safe trading.
  • It can trade 24/5 without need of monitoring.
  • You can join their telegram channel for free to see daily results.

What is it’s trading strategy?

In this part of “Elite Forex Scalper Review” we will give you an insight about it’s trading strategy. As the name suggest it’s main trading strategy is Scalping but it also uses grid, semi-martingale, trend-following, and hedging strategy. It offers risk management that help you to perform safe trade without any interruption by malware. It will also protect your investments from invasive brokers. This Forex robot can support GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, and USDCHF currency pairs. The settings are fully customize that you can alter according to your trading plan. Though the default settings are best for the beginners and are easy to setup. You can trade daily with this robot. You can work with the brokers of your choice. There is also a telegram channel if you want to get any kind of guidance.

elite forex scalper



  • The results are verified by Myfxbook and FXstat.
  • You can get two demo accounts to practice trade if you are a beginner.

Result via Myfxbook

You will be pleased to hear that the results are very profitable and the performance is definitely remarkable. You can get daily profit without any profit sharing. The results are also verified by third party website that makes it quite transparent.

Elite Forex Scalper Pricing Plans

Here in this part of Elite Forex Scalper Review, we will enlist the prices and packages offered by the vendors. Along with the services that you are going to get after buying this Forex robot.

Pricing Plan 1

  • FREE Access
  • Access to support telegram channel
  • Fully automated robot
  • One live lifetime license available

Pricing Plan 2

  • PAID Version
  • Price: 249.99 USD
  • Access to support channel
  • Fully automated
  • 1 Live account license
  • 2 Demo account license
  • Lifetime Access
  • Dedicated support
  • Can use any broker of choice
  • Free installation assistance
  • Minimum balance applicable

Elite Forex Scalper Review by Clients

If we talk about the review of clients, there are much reviews available online because it launched in early 2020. But all the reviews are positive that we could find. The performance is great and the customers are quite satisfied with the services offered by the vendors. It is quite easy for the beginners as well so new traders are finding it easy to use.

Summary of Elite Forex Scalper Review

We finally come to the end of this Elite Forex Scalper Review. So we have given you an insight about all the important topics so now it is quite easy for you to evaluate it. Though this is a new robot but it’s performance is quite advanced. The feature are up to date and hopefully they will keep updating it. So what do you think about it? Let us know your thoughts about this trading bot!

Best Tested Robot 2020
  • 100% Automated Trading
  • NO Emotions
  • Working Strategy
  • Proper Risk Management
  • Standerd Optimised Settings

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