Fap Turbo Review

Fap Turbo Review

We are back on our forex website with another advanced review namely “Fap Turbo Review” for you. This innovative trading robot is quite famous among the traders so we decided to analyze it for you. In addition to this we will highlight it’s specifications and trading strategy. So let’s start this review and don’t forget to check the rest of our blog you’ll definitely come up with few innovative robots. So let’s see if it is good enough to make it to our Best Expert Advisors page or not!

What is Fap Turbo EA?

This Fap Turbo EA is a reliable robot that comes pre-installed and is fully equipped. It support almost any broker. You don’t have to worry about the investment as it can work with any size of account. If we talk about sellers they are quite transparent with the services they are providing. You can see that they have explain each and everything on their account.

If we talk about the profit then you will be pleased to hear that the vendors claim that you can achieve twice the monthly goal. In addition to this it can trade 10 to 20 times a week. The drawdown rate is very low that is approximately 0.32%. It can trade with multiple currency pairs and is compatible with MT4 platform. You can secure your account with high spread protection system.

Creator of Fap Turbo EA

In this segment of Fap Turbo Review, we will give you the information that we have found about the people working behind this advanced robot. His name is Steve Carletti and his is an I.T developer. He is the actual mastermind behind this advanced robot. Not only this he started working in this Forex market long time ago after watching the success and constant growth he decided to build his own software. This robot has 11 years of backtesting and the results are massive. Profit gain is much more than twice per month. As we have mentioned in our previous articles that information about the developer is a source of transparency so we are happy that they seemed professional and have provided all the necessary information as well.

Key Features of Fap Turbo EA

  • It is compatible with MT4 platform.
  • It can work with any broker of your choice.
  • You can trade with any size of account.
  • The drawdown rate is 0.32% which is very low.
  • It can trade 10 to 20 times per week which is quite average.
  • This trading bot is also responsible for security of your account.
  • You can trade with multiple pair of currency.

What is it’s trading strategy?

In this part of Fap Turbo Review, we will talk about the trading strategy used by this Forex robot. There is not much information about the trading strategy on their official sales page but we looked deeply and found few important trading tactics. So it can trade with multiple currency pairs on MT4 platform. It can trade with a very low drawdown rate which is less than 1% in total. In addition to this it can perform 10 to 20 trades per week. If we talk about profit then weekly profit is about 45% depending upon the currency pair that has been used. It also provide high speed protection in order to make a safe and risk-free trade. They are using several premium indicators but we could not discover much abou them. We think they are using a similar indicator like the pipfinite trend pro.

fap turbo


  • It comes with 7 day free trial before purchase.
  • They have 11 years of backtesting results available on their website.
  • You can 60 days of money back guarantee after purchasing this robot.
  • You can also see live results with multiple currency pairs on their website.
  • The results are verified by third-party website.


  • There is not much information about the trading strategy used by this EA.

Results of Fap Turbo EA

Here we will talk about the results and performance of Fap Turbo EA. The results are very stable and offer 45% profit every month. Not only this the drawdown rate is also very low that is about 0.32%. You can see the trading results with multiple currency pairs on their website. There are also live accounts that are offering stable yet profitable results. You will be pleased to hear these results are verified by third party website.

Fap Turbo EA Pricing Plans

In this section of Fap Turbo Review we are going to enlist the packages offered by the vendors. We will give you an insight of the packages, bonuses and services you are going to get by purchasing this robot.

Pricing Plan 1

  • Price: 39.95 USD per month
  • Along with settings and features.
  • Fap turbo 3.0 version
  • Dedicated customer service
  • 7 day free trail
  • 60 Days money back guarantee
  • Payment with different methods available.

Bonus include:

  • Fap Bitcoin EA
  • Bitcoin Signal Indicator

Fap Turbo Review by Clients

As we have mentioned above that it is a new Forex robot so there are not much review that we could find. But if we compare the positive and negative reviews most of the review turned positive. Because the clients were satisfied with the stable profit and they were also happy about the transparency provided by the vendors.

Summary of Fap Turbo Review

We have come to the end of Fap Turbo Review. We have given you all the description along with the performance results. This is not the Best EA off the moment. As you can see that it is still new in the market but still creating hype all over. They offer advanced features along with verified results. There is also 7 days of free trial and complete refund policy. On the whole it is a complete package for even the beginners but it totally depend on you whether you find it good enough to synchronize with your trading plan or not? So what are your thoughts about it?

Best Tested Robot 2020
  • 100% Automated Trading
  • NO Emotions
  • Working Strategy
  • Proper Risk Management
  • Standerd Optimised Settings

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