Forex Auto Millions Review

Forex Auto Millions Review

In this blog post we will be doing “Forex Auto Millions Review” after collecting facts and figures from official sources. We have found a lot of information that we are going to disclose in this article. This is actually a better and updated version of an old trading bot that was success of it’s time. We will highlight it’s trading strategy, pros and cons. This Forex robot has advanced features that results into great performance and results. We are constantly updating our website so you can check other reviews as well. But let’s see first if this trading bot will make it to our Best Expert Advisors official page or not!

What is Forex Auto Millions?

Forex Auto Millions is not a new robot in the Forex market. It was launched back in 2016 and was quite popular among the traders. So the developers decided to come up with a new and a more advanced version. This trading bot is a totally customized robot that can easily match your trading expectations. It does not use complicated trading strategies like martingale, hedging or grid strategy. This robot consists of 40 different advanced algorithms and indicators that help with trading. This robot is compatible with MT4 platform. In addition to this, it only work with EURUSD currency pair.

This robot claims to offer 100% win and o% loss as you are the one who is going to customize it. It works with the timeframe of around 1 minute. It is also capable to trade in the opposite direction with respect to trend. You also don’t have to think about it’s performance or results as it is manually operated according to your customization. The candlestick pattern ensure that the trades and trends are going accurate.

Creator of Forex Auto Millions

In this section of Forex Auto Millions Review, we will talk about the team working behind this trading robot. As we know that the more the transparent is the identity of the creators buyers will feel secure to buy the Forex robot. Though as we already mentioned that this is an updated version of an old robot. That previous version is also quite popular among the traders so you don’t have to worry about it being a scam. Because they are working since 2016 and are quite transparent with their result. But they decided to remain anonymous and haven’t provided any email address so if you need customer support you can fill out a form.

Key Features of Forex Auto Millions

  • This Forex robot is compatible with MT4 platform.
  • It support only EURUSD currency pair.
  • It doesn’t use complicated trading strategies so there is no risk that your account will blow up.
  • This EA trade with the timeframe of about 1 minute.
  • They claim to have 100% wins and 0% loss with this robot while trading.
  • It is capable of opening trades even in opposite direction of trends.
  • You can also customize it so that it can match your trading expectations.
  • There are over 40 different advanced algorithm and indicators for trading.

What is it’s trading strategy?

We usually talk about trading strategies in this section. There aren’t much complicated strategies used in the trading but advance algorithms and indicators. There are 40 different indicators that find the correct trading trend. It is compatible with MT4 platform. The timeframe of 1 minute is used between trades. You can customize this robot according to your trading plan. This robot is in the market for a long time so you can see it predict 100% in profitable direction. If you are a beginner you also don’t have to worry about it as it comes with user guide. The stop-loss and take-profit strategy is a plus for the traders with all the advanced features it comes with.


  • This Forex robot has about 8 years of backtesting.
  • You can get 60 days money back guarantee.


  • The performance results are not verified by third-party website.

Result via Myfxbook

You can see that the results are very profitable. The results show great performance with about 8 years of backtesting. There are also lots of positive reviews about the results as well. Though the results are positive but these results are not verified by any third-party website.

Forex Auto Millions Pricing Plans

In this segment of Forex Auto Millions Review, we will talk about the price of the packages offered by the vendors. We will also enlist the services that you can get after buying this trading robot. The vendors also offers complete refund policy.

Pricing Plan 1

  • Price: $99
  • Unlimited real account license
  • Forex software
  • Timeframe is of 1 minute
  • EURSD currency pair supported
  • User guide
  • Free updates
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Forex Auto Millions Review by Clients

You can see their official website there are number of different reviews on it. The clients are very much satisfied with the services offered by the vendors. The performance is also appreciated by the clients. But for new clients who are deciding to buy it are worry about the transparency because there isn’t any information about vendors and neither the results are verified.

Summary of Forex Auto Millions Review

We have come to the end of Forex Auto Millions Review. And honestly speaking we are very much impressed with the advanced features and it’s performance. Off course this is not the best scalping ea out there. The reviews and results are very much positive. So we have given you an in-depth review after evaluating and analyzing this robot. Now it depends on you whether you find it good enough to meet your expectations or not. Let us know your thoughts about it!

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