FX Master Bot Review

FX Master Bot Review

For today’s article on our best forex expert advisors website, we will be doing “FX Master Bot Review” for you. This trading bot works with certain trading signals that are delivered every minute. You just have to choose the one you want to trade with. Though it is a very simple robot but let’s see if it is profitable or not. In this review, we will highlight all the facts and figures along with it’s pros and cons. So let’s start with our article and you have to read it till the end to see if it will make it to our Best Expert Advisors page or not!

What is FX Master Bot?

FX Master Bot is a robot that can be operated both manually and automatically. It comes with fully customize-able settings that you can change according to your desired plan. It support 17 major and minor currency pairs. You can trade with the one of your choice. It sends certain signal almost every minutes. So you can choose the signal that you want for your trade.It also support 5 cryptocurrencies as well.

This Forex robot support the brokers that are fully licensed so there isn’t any chance that you will get scammed. The trading is totally safe so you don’t have to worry about the malware. It also use advanced algorithms that found the perfect trends in the market. These lead to great buying and selling opportunities. You can also choose the broker of your choice as there aren’t any restrictions. So this is not a crypto robot or crypto signals. For that you can google for the best crypto signals on the internet to get some solutions.

Creator of FX Master Bot

In this section of “FX Master Bot Review” we will give you the information about the team working behind this trading bot. This robot was basically launched back in 2017 by a new company. We know that buyers are quite inquisitive to find about the creators of this robot because unfortunately there isn’t much information about the developers on official sales page. So in order to end this worry we decided to do an online search about the whereabouts of developers. The team is quite professional and know what they are doing but still we couldn’t find their official names and location. But if we talk about reviews and performance then review are quite positive and performance shows stable profit.

Key Features of FX Master Bot

  • This robot can be operated both automatically and manually.
  • The settings and features of this trading bot are customize-able.
  • It can trade with 17 different Forex pairs.
  • There are different advanced trading settings that you can choose from.
  • This trading bot use algorithms to find powerful trend in the market.
  • You can choose the broker according to your choice.
  • It will send trading signals every minute that you can choose from.
  • The vendors offer reliable customer support for the users.
  • The trading is totally safe and no risk is involved.

What is it’s trading strategy?

If we talk about it’s trading strategy there are number of different things that we can explain to you. First of all there are certain signals that are sent to you every minute so you can start trade using any of those signals. It follows the current trends of market using advanced algorithms. It uses features that ensure stop-loss and take-profit. You can trade with 17 different major and minor currency pairs. You can also get signals for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies as it is compatible with 5 cryptocurrencies. It is a fully customize-able robot with customized settings and features. You can trade either manually or automatically. TIP: if you want to read similar EA Reviews you can visit: https://forex-ea-reviews.com.


  • It allows you to trade both in automatic and manual manner.
  • When you sign in on their official website you get a free demo account along with virtual money of 1500 USD to trade with.
  • This robot is fully customize-able so you don’t have to deal with any limitation.


  • You have to deposit at least USD 250 in order to work with the broker that will be chosen.

Result via Myfxbook

In this section of FX Master Bot Review, we will talk about the performance and results that we get by trading with this robot. We are quite impressed by it’s performance as it’s a new robot and still it is shoeing stable yet profitable results. You can control it either manually or automatically in both ways the results are quite positive.

FX Master Bot Pricing Plans

In this part of article we usually talk about the price and packages offered by vendors but it is different with FX Master Bot. This robot works online so you don’t have to download or install it. You can use it directly by signing in to their website and after that you can just provide your essential information to them. You don’t have to pay fee to start with it. There will be a broker chosen for you and you have to pay about 250 USD to them. Though you can change the broker as well because it is a fully customized robot.

FX Master Bot Review by Clients

This is one of the most awaited part of this “FX Master Bot Review” article. Because here we will talk about the review of the people using this robot. Though the information about the vendors is not available on their sales page but still people are showing much interest due to it’s performance. The review we found online are very positive and satisfactory.

Summary of FX Master Bot Review

We have come to the end of FX Master Bot Review and up till know we are quite positive about it. The features and settings are quite innovative and advanced. It is different from all the other robots we have come across. There are certain things that we found little risky like paying 250 USD to a broker for online trade but the reviews are positive and you can’t ignore this fact. We also cannot operate small trades using this robot. So what do you think about it? Let us know!

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