Grid Trend Multiplier Review

Grid Trend Multiplier Review

Welcome to our Best Forex EA Website! We are once again back with another innovative Grid Trend Multiplier Review. It is considered as one of the non-directional trading bot. So today we will be going to highlight it’s trading strategy along with pros and cons. We will also talk about the price and packages available by the vendors. So let’s start this review and see if it is good enough to get a place in our Best EA list or not!

What is Grid Trend Multiplier?

The Grid Trend multiplier is one of the best automated trading tool for the new traders. It is an automated trading robot that can work a indicator as well. The signals of this trading tool work to stabilize the market adaptability. It even comes with a 15 videos user guide that can help the beginners to start with. Though it is an automated robot but you can change the settings according to your trading plan. This makes this customize-able robot to be used by experienced traders.

It has an amazing features of non-directional performance making it fits perfectly with your trading strategy. As the name suggest it uses two main strategies that include grid and hedging. In addition to this, it support both major and minor currency pairs and can trade on both MT4 and MT5 platform. It can work both automatically or manually so you can choose the option accordingly. The results are also verified by third-party website. You can also see the backtesting results on their official website as well.

Creator of Grid Trend Multiplier

If you have read our previous reviews you must know that in this section of Grid Trend multiplier Review we are going to disclose the information about the creators. Fortunately information is available about the developers this time. Alex Du Plooy is a professional Forex trader and he has also introduced other software as well. As you can see he is an expert so you are in right hands. There is also plenty of backtesting that has been done by the developers. The results are verified by FX Blue. So as you can see they have provided all the information about the team working behind this robot.

Key Features of Grid Trend Multiplier

  • Even on auto-pilot this EA does about 50 to 300 pips.
  • It is a non-directional system and trade irrespective of market direction.
  • It is a fully-equipped trading system that work with signal indicator as well.
  • You can trade manually with customized settings as well.
  • The strategies include grid and hedging.
  • It support both major and minor currency pairs.
  • It is compatible with MT4 and MT5 platform.
  • You can make quite a lot of profit in a day.

What is it’s trading strategy?

In this segment of Grid Trend Multiplier Review, we will talk about the grid and hedging strategy used by this robot. This trading tool also works on Forex signal that indicate that the market adaptability is also considered while trading. These advanced features make it all-in-one robot with easy setup. It also offers risk free trading that make the trading safe without blowing up the account. So it is safe and can work well even under uncertain market conditions. It can operate with all the currency pairs that are available on MT4 and MT5 platform. You can trade with almost all the sizes of accounts so you don’t have to worry about large investments.


  • The live trading results are verified by FX Blue.
  • There are also backtesting results available on their website.
  • You also get detail user guide in the form of 15 video tutorials.


  • The prices are quite high for the traders.

Result via FX Blue

We are happy to announce the results in this section of Grid Trend Multiplier Review. Firstly backtesting results are available on their official website so you can see the struggle they have been through. These backtesting results are proof of profitable trading from the start. The live trading results are also verified by third-party website FX Blue

Grid Trend Multiplier Pricing Plans

In this part of Grid Trend Multiplier Review, we will talk about the pricing and packages available for the traders. The vendors have come up with only one package uptill now. The sellers are offering 82% discount with this robot so if you want this robot you can easily avail now. We will also enlist the services that you can get with this package.

Pricing Plan 1

  • Price: $280
  • Grid Trend Multiplier software
  • 2 Real license available
  • MT4 and MT5 supported versions
  • User manual guide with 15 tutorial videos
  • Free robots developed by this company
  • Dedicated customer support

Grid Trend Multiplier Reviews by Clients

Grid Trend Multiplier is quite famous among the traders because of it’s transparency. You can see that the backtesting results make it quite a credible software. The inexperience trader found it very easy to use. Whereas experienced traders found it’s customize-able feature a profitable one that can work well with their trading plan.

Summary of Grid Trend Multiplier Review

So finally we have come to the end of Grid Trend Multiplier Review. If you have read this whole article then you will be very clear about your decision by now. We found the vendors very transparent with the information they have provided. The results are also verified by the third-party website. So now it mainly depends on you whether it’s features meet your expectations or not!

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