Libertex Review

Today we are back on this Best Forex Expert Advisors website with a new “Libertex Review” for you. We have reviewed multiple Forex robots previously but if you want to work in Forex market you must also need a good broker first. So from now on we will introduce a new broker every once in a week so you must know if it is worth considering or not. If you have any previous experience in the Forex market you must be aware of this broker or if not then this review is going to be very beneficial for you.

In this Libertex Review, we are going to talk about the most important details that you need to know before considering it. We will highlight all the important features along with regulations, language and countries supported by this full Forex broker. We will also give you the insight about why Libertex is one of the trusted crypto broker. So keep reading the article till the end in order to find out if it’s worth considering or not!

What is Libertex Broker?

Libertex Broker is out in the market for 20 years and is actually the first choice for most of the traders. This broker is updated multiple times in order to meet the market conditions. This Forex broker helps you to trade using your account and comes with numerous customizable features. One of the best feature of this broker is that you can easily customize it’s features according to your choice. Not only this, but most of the traders who start the forex business often begins with this Forex broker because it is one of the most trusted one.

Libertex broker provides around 250 different tools, assets, instruments, commodities for you. So you can trade with almost any cryptocurrency, asset, metal and currency that you want. But the only downside of this broker is that you can only operate using MT4 platform as it doesn’t support MT5. But we are hoping this will change in future because they have already made multiple improvements in this software. So that it can exceed the expectations of the traders and ever-changing market conditions.

Libertex Corporate History

This Libertex Company is one of the few brokers who are in the market for so long and are getting more famous because they provide their services to numerous clients all over the world who are simply impressed by their amazing services. Libertex is a company that was established in 1997 when the forex market and business was almost started. This company is fully consistent because they provide proper protection for traders and accounts as well.

All the levels of traders including the beginners and experienced can use the services and tools that are offered by vendors. So while operating this broker you should know that you are in safe hands because they provide ease and trust to the traders. As no matter what you have to control your account in order to make profitable trades. That is why easy customization is one of the biggest advantage they offer to the clients. This helps you to get multiple opportunities starting from hot stocks, trading stocks or currency pairs. BTW if you search for Libertex review you can find other detailled articles.

If we give you more details about the company in this Libertex Review then their main headquarters are based in Limassol Cyprus, which is a little island in Mediterranean. In order to get more information you can easily contact them via multiple methods including phone, forms or email address. After getting your inquiry they’ll turn back to you with a day or two. This shows that their customer support service is excellent. This Libertex broker itself is a part of a trusted company that is there in this Forex business from the time it started. So about the transparency you can easily trust them because they have over 2 million satisfied client uptill now.

Regulations of Libertex

Before looking for a Forex broker you must also look for the regulated entities that support the broker because account security is a very important factor in this business. So in this part of Libertex review we will talk about it’s regulated entities. The Libertex is actually operated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange commission (cySEC) and financial service commission. As it is regulated by the financial service commission so it can give you complete security and protection from malware. So you can trust them with the fact that they can provide you a safe environment to work in. In order to get further information you can also visit their website as they have provided a lot of information about it!

Supported Trading Platforms

In this part of Libertex Review, we will discuss its trading platforms supported by it along with the details about it’s performance. The most unique feature of this broker is that you can easily trade in automated manner with fully customized settings and it has zero spread. But with a pitfall that it can only trade on MT4 platform because they haven’t introduced MT5 platform yet but that doesn’t mean you are never going to get one. The people behind this company are working hard to upgrade this version in order to benefit traders.

It supports all size of accounts, so it depends upon you that how much you want to invest at first. You can simply get started by opening their website signing-in and filling their website so you can get registered. But after that you have to start your account by depositing a minimal investment of 100 EUR.

The Libertex display is very easy so you can operate it without any technical skills. But in case of any query or issue you can check their tutorials that will guide you through the whole process. Otherwise you can also check their website to find essential information. You can check either default or the Libertex created display platform as there are two different ways to choose. On the other hand there are two different accounts available including a standard and a professional one for different levels of traders.

So how’s the Libertex Review going uptill now?

Trading Asset and markets

You can use different assets and commodities by using this Forex brokers. So in this segment of Libertex Review, we are going to disclose all the information regarding it. They provide proper support to beginner to get started. The basics of this are the stocks, hot assets, Cryptocurrency, Forex currency and such. But it also supports things like precious metals like gold and silvers, indices, agriculture, oil and gas, and ETFs.

You can easily customized these choices according to your plans in a short duration of time. There are more then 250 different trading assets that you can choose from so in order to make most out of it you have different settings available for you. So you just have to operate this software depending upon the advice of your expert advisor. It support the most popular stocks at the moment available in the countries including Europe, USA and Latin America. You can also pick up the category that can resonate really well with you including healthcare, medical cannabis, telecommunication, industry, technology, luxury or automobiles etc.

Deposit and withdrawal Process

In this portion of the Libertex Review we will go through the details regarding deposits and withdrawals of money. As it is mentioned above that all the traders need at least deposit of 100 EUR. So as it supports all size of accounts so the size of the account depends upon you. Its withdrawal method is very simple, as you have to request for once and you will get your money in the next few hours. But it might change depending upon the hour you request it. As working hours matters the most.

Another advantage is that you don’t need any other third-party in order to do transactions because you get from the platform that you have deposited. In some cases your money might take longer to get to you or you might have to pay a small fee for transferring your money. Another important thing is that it depends upon you that you can choose if you want your payment in EUR, GBP, CHF, PLN. Payments of these currencies are accepted.

Libertex Mobile apps

In this part we will discuss the mobile apps available for both the android users and apple users. The app is highly advanced with customize-able features and display. So you don’t need to operate the accounts via laptops or any other gadget as you can easily operate your setup from the mobiles while working. You can deposit your money, withdraw your money, enter and exit trades. Not only this, you can also change the lot sizes from your phone. So there are endless opportunities available. You can download these apps from the official websites or from the apple store or play store. So you can easily do anything with your mobile phones at any time.

Countries and Languages supported

Libertex operates in all European Economic area (EEA) countries.

Libertex Customer Support

In order to contact with company you must need dedicated customer service so you can easily approach them in case of any query. In this case the vendors of this company has provided you with number of different ways including email, phone, social media platforms, form filling or question window. So the thing is they will contact you within one or two business days. They have also provided numerous articles for guidelines and multiple tutorial so you can watch them in case of any inquiry.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It is fully automatic and has customized settings.
  • You can choose the size of account according to desire.
  • The deposit and withdrawal process is easy to manage.
  • It is fully reliable business in the forex with many rules and regulations.
  • There are demo accounts available before working for the real accounts.
  • You can get multiple trading assets by using this platform.


  • It only operates on the MT4 platform right now.
  • This software is not accessible all over the world at this moment.

Conclusion of Libertex Review

Now we are at the end of this Libertex review. We concluded that this broker has so many benefits for the beginner and professional traders both. There are so many Advantages of this broker and on the other hand there are few pitfalls as well. They have a lot of experience and are still working on it to upgrade and improve the downsides. This broker stands out among other because it provides complete security to its traders with it’s secure and powerful system. So you can check out their official website for more information. It has been updated and upgraded on the regular basis so keep checking their website for new updates. Do let us know your opinions about it!

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